Inspirational Discount Water Fountains Provide Meditative and Healing Properties to Your Everyday Surroundings

When you arrive home after a long, tiring day, what better way to be soothed into relaxation than a water fountain in your home or garden? The sound of flowing water is especially pleasant to come home to when you live alone – no more arriving to the deafening silence of an empty house. If you happen to live in the city, the noise and chaos will be soothingly neutralized by the relaxing sounds of nature as the water gently tumbles.

Regardless of one’s individual beliefs in the divine or form of spirituality, flowing water is well known to be beneficial. According to the Feng Shui philosophy, all five of earth’s elements should be represented in your home in order to maintain a balance of “good” energy – water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. A water fountain is a great item to bring to your home to magnify a flow of positive energy; this will offer anyone entering your home a positive impression, something we all strive for when we have guests visiting.

Those who practice meditation may know that Zen considers water to represent time passage, purity, and life source. Meditating with water gently flowing in the background can enhance your feeling of well being.

From a strictly scientific standpoint, water fountains emit negative ions which bind to dust particles, smoke, and the like weight them down so the polluted air is not breathed in; everyone benefits when air is cleaner. The negative ions also have an affect on the brain that gives individuals a better sense of well being and increases alertness. Depression can lessen in the presence of a lovely, calming fresh water fountain.

A water fountain can be truly advantageous when placed in the bedroom as it will produce much needed white noise. White noise is a steady, calming background noise that eases other more annoying sounds making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. White noise has been proven to be quite effective in helping individuals sleep better, waking well rested and ready to face the day.

There are myriad discount water fountains available whether you are looking to put a fountain in your garden or inside your home. Choices include modern American, classic European, Asian-inspired and more. Expert designers can assist you in choosing the one that best fits your lifestyle and décor. You can opt to have them professionally installed if you wish. And, you can always choose to have your fountain cleaned by professionals to make sure it consistently performs at its best.

Discount water fountains come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and types – which you choose will depend greatly on the purpose you have planned for it. For example, if you live in a small apartment, and space is at a premium, a desktop fountain might be just right for you. Or, if you have a fairly vast area and would like a water fountain that will help to fill that space, you might like a floor fountain of larger proportions. If you are after a fountain to install in your office, but don’t have a vast amount of available area to lend to it, a wall fountain is easy to fit in. You might consider incorporating your fountain into an existing fishpond; the combination of a fall of water and a tranquil pool with fish is a delightful way to make a central outdoor space inviting. You could also attract guests with a Victorian water fountain placed in the center of your garden. Placing a small fountain in the corner of the garden where you enjoy relaxing peace and quiet is yet another idea. The possibilities, really, are quite endless.

The Water Pumps ? One of the Best Gardening Presents

My grandpa is the perfect gardener on the planet, as far as i am concerned. He presented me to gardening after I was 5 and that i merely loved the feeling when my first plant came up. I used to lend a hand my grandpa within the backyard and keep operating round his toes at all times. He all the time encouraged me and taught me loads about gardening and the significance of gardening instruments.

As I started growing up I changed into busy with my very own lifestyles and somehow stopped serving to grandpa. I decided I had to make up for this come what may. the very best situation came up with grandpa’s birthday I knew that the rest related to gardening would make him satisfied, gardening presents were my priority.

but i wished my reward to be very completely different. So I started attempting to find unique gardening gifts on-line. i found the AL-KO JET 802 Water Pump on the on-line store BIGshop and i made up our minds it might be a perfect gift for grandpa. I had seen him struggling really onerous to water all of the crops, so I hoped this reward would make his existence easier. The water pump was German engineered and was once examined with steady operation and proved to be repairs free. also the pump featured a different sealing device, which incorporated a ceramic axial shaft seal between the motor and hydraulics, making sure long term reliability. So I used to be assured of the safety and the reliability of the water pump.

the perfect section about this water pump used to be that it could also be used as lawn care gear. So this product became even more apt as it was once conceivable to suit a sprinkler machine with the water pump, which might be useful in watering the lawn. i purchased this water pump and simply hoped that grandpa would really like my present and as much as he loves his gardening instruments and particularly it will simply make his existence more effective. And as I had hoped this garden care gear from BIGshop became out to be as I had expected.

Superior Cooler Water

purchase a water filtration system may be one of the crucial essential points which are able to doing for the ladies. To get rid of contaminants out of your water, lend a hand your family members well being and water. nowadays’s bizarre world of pollutants other threats to wash air at a depth required to take a number of care, perhaps we can with our treasured consuming water they eat.

of course there are a lot of forms of water filters, that you can simply buy, however do you know you can produce a gentle water filtration yourself? it can be in reality a easy course of that almost any individual can function.

First you want to scale back a length of %pipe round 1:fifty eight and 1 / 2 inches. In finishing prime of the pipe, drill a small hole, you most likely want to use a power drill to cut back a discount thoroughly clean.

All of it’s important to reduce exactly the identical approximate size of the diameter of the hose on the highway to implementation within the file. Unscrew the intention of percentand percentpipe sealed with silicone sealant, then put a vinyl hose that created the hole within the lid and seal finished with sealer additionally.

After a substance used to be used as a filtration machine, for example, a paper towel or most likely a cup of coffee filtration gadget and fill it with carbon earlier than bringing it to the %pipe. whilst you pour some water into the open aspect of the pipeline will go throughout the carbon filtration machine as the thinnest vinyl tube into a container.

Voila! quick, easy filtered consuming water which can be ready to keep in the fridge for ingesting at any time. As referred to, in truth this is among the least difficult, least expensive filters are there. You indubitably can buy far more complicated kinds, you will have to choose. In each circumstances care have to be taken to change filter material in its filtration system. trade the filter system in the air cooler than customary base, which in fact is precisely the same thought.

utterly safe consuming water everybody’s thoughts at the present time and in addition the principle solution to be sure that their family members is a long time to clean consuming water fund might be to scrub themselves. you’ll be able to eliminate person pollutants prior to they enter into this glass of water.

Most consuming water supplies do much better to have a water filtration system, however if you wish to be secure from the top quality of ingesting water, just get a sample of a laboratory analysis of drinking water. they may be able to tell how big your consuming water.

Stunning Koi Pond Development and Water Landscaping

the great thing about a waterfall, its serene seem is peaceable and with the composed approach it flows it just calms any person who sees it. the same will have to be stated for your Koi pond development. the chances are unending, you do not need to lay our a fortune but if you want to create an unruffled position to calm down which you could design the pond on the way to last for years.

relying on where you reside there are some environmental issues that you will have to care for. California has some ecological ponds which can be eco friendly. Remnant of unique eastern gardens a Koi pond should be a tranquil place for you to loosen up on the end of a day and enjoy gazing your Koi swim.

a lot of people attempt to build their very own ponds and when you have the understand how to do so then you can make a beautiful and fascinating situation. in case you are no longer a builder then you might to find your self inquiring for the help of a certified water landscaper. it is perfect to ask for help so you don’t free any Koi because of any insufficient building or setting up.

because you could design considered one of a kind pond there are a number of routes that you would be able to take. which you can have waterfalls and lights and even vegetation. that you can build one right outdoor your breakfast nook or in your property supplied you’ve gotten sufficient room. there are numerous designers who can offer you an estimate on how much it is going to cost to craft your Koi pond co and the way so much it will cost to deal with it 12 months round.

if you wish to build a low upkeep Koi pond take into account that natural does not at all times mean healthy. You will have to at all times have an additional pond for water runoff and for when it rains. A filter is one of the best funding that you may make, you will have to make a choice one that will do the whole thing you need reminiscent of clean the water and maintain the Ph stability at most efficient ranges to your Koi.

Your Koi pond must be at least 3 feet deep, it should be between 4 and 6 feet so that your Koi can have lots of room. If it gets chilly the place you are a deeper Koi pond building could be better due to the fact that you need to have enough water for them to survive. Deeper ponds give them a greater chance.

all the time make sure your pond is greater than commonplace floor. Water runoff from lawns and rainstorms will kill your Koi and even if a filter is designed to offer protection to the water it can not work extra time if it can be clogged with debris. don’t place a Koi pond under a tree. The roots will seek out the water and leaves will upset the Ph stability in your water.

Pond development must be evolved sufficient that the pump and electrical gear can work 12 months spherical without an excessive amount of upkeep. which you could build a Koi pond with the intention to closing for years to come for those who do it proper the first time. Koi pond building is in response to your price range, create a place you can come up with the money for to maintain and build on later if you want to.

About Get That Water Circulating to Your Garden Koi Pond

find out how to Maximize Your backyard Koi Pond Turnover rate

simply put, the turnover price of your pond is how briskly it takes for the entire water in it to move through the pond filter. It varies from pond to pond.


This will have to excite you math-whizzes in the market. to find out what your Koi pond’s turnover rate is, merely calculate how so much water your pump moves per day and divide it by the volume of your pond.

So, for example, if you have a 50,000 liter pond and a pump that strikes X liters of water per hour, it might be pumping (X*24) liters per day. Take that number and divide it by means of 50,000 liters and you have got your turnover price.

The turnover charge determines the common ammonia focus in your garden Koi pond water. that’s how so much ammonia is left in the water after filtration. this may fluctuate depending how ceaselessly the pond water is turned over.

Why does turnover price subject?

high turnover charges make sure high oxygen levels within the pond. You need oxygen within the water as a result of Koi need oxygen, the vegetation want oxygen, and the microorganisms within the water need oxygen to live. on account of this, oxygen levels within the water are likely to fluctuate depending on many factors together with time of day, collection of fish, collection of vegetation, and so forth.

On the reverse side, low oxygen levels can spell catastrophe. So keep your eye on the oxygen.

Turnover price and Bio filters

figuring out your backyard Koi pond turnover price can also be important when purchasing for a bio filter. remember that a filter chamber can deal with only so much. It does now not have a limitless capability. moreover, your pond’s glide fee will affect the water’s place of abode time within the bio filter.

place of abode Time?

just like the way it sounds, place of abode time is the maximum amount of time the pond water is within the bio filter, in contact with the bio media.

for instance, if the place of dwelling time of the filter chamber is 2 minutes, that implies it takes the bio film and energetic bacteria within the filter 2 minutes to transform the harmful ammonia on your backyard Koi pond (from the Koi feces) into nitrites after which to nitrates.

you don’t really want a chemistry stage to be aware this – well, on 2d idea, maybe you do. point is you do not want ammonia. Ammonia makes the Koi in poor health. The bio filter oxidizes it and converts it to something safer for the fish.

lets go into the theories and discussions involving how these hardworking little buggers do their work, but we will not. we will just take a second to thank them right now….


the bottom line with bio filters is that you would be able to’t have too much of it protecting your backyard Koi pond preserving the water smooth and wholesome for you fish. Having mentioned that, there is not any cause to get all excited and begin messing round with the glide charges to take a look at to maximise contact time with the bio filter. go away that alone.

If turnover price slows down, you must put your bio filter into ammonia overload. you do not need that, belief me. if your bio filter is just not ready to oxidize all the ammonia on the first go, it has another opportunity the following time around providing your turnover rate is respectable.

you probably have a brand new garden Koi pond, needless to say it takes time to get a new bio filter to develop bio movie. It took you 9 months from concept to beginning (10, truly) so do not rush nature. provide the little guys an opportunity to get going.

Let the pond to find its own “happy position” or equilibrium. do not over-feed the Koi. The extra you feed, the extra they excrete; and with an immature bio filter, this can lead to issues.

control the ammonia and nitrite levels and just let nature run its route.

Oh, alright, i’m going to let you know the right way to cheat nature. Get some Bao Bio Clear – that’ll jump start the bio film increase.

Up to Date Water Cooler

consuming water has a very powerful role in sustaining complete body healthy and ingesting water coolers can present protected and clean consuming water they consume. A water cooler is actually a device that cools and dispenses water every time you need. ingesting water coolers are out to be truly preferred nowadays, and you’ll be able to to find in homes, places of work, airports, procuring shops and plenty of other places. they’re also often known as suppliers.

Wall put in water cooler:

Wall put in water cooler is almost certainly the coldest water extra standard. right here is the device related to water and power provide used to function cooling spectacular incoming water. The unused water can be disposed within the constructing program of the waste. this type of cooler in most cases features a container in the apparatus containing the chilly water, so if you happen to like some water, simply press the button that is situated within the valve spring loaded and when the market goes ingesting. you don’t watch for the water arrives, as it is at present saved.

Bottled water coolers:

in the earliest version of the drinking water used straight away during the municipal water provide, but the emphasis is now way more are at all times on tap water filtered. the latest model includes a free style, standing precisely the place it’s used bottled consuming water. right right here is the bottle positioned spout until the instrumentation. These machines are of various sizes and completely different from the gadgets desk. the most important downside may just dangle a bottle up to 5 gallons. in response to exactly the place this is vital, that you could choose, one of the most applicable measurement. to make use of the place of business better one can be more applicable. The cooling function of cooler water, however these units shouldn’t have a spot to dump the excess water, and most effective a small turning level is there to select up small spills.

you will find fridges which have a 2d dispenser for decent water, which can be utilized for tea, sizzling chocolate, immediate coffee, and so on. may be very helpful in lots of places, either at home or at work. consuming water coolers are very talked-about especially youngsters, because I simply love protecting a bitterly chilly eat. it is also not must keep consuming water within the fridge so they can in most cases cold water whenever you want. Works neatly in a area were closed as a shop or a shed that someone can participate most effective in some consume refreshing. huge baggage of ingesting water is readily available and much cheaper than buying other drinks that you simply simplest want to replenish them when wanted. Some corporations even present bottled ingesting water filter ingesting water consumed with the aid of fridges to customers.

benefits of consuming water coolers filtered devour extra bottled water coolers:

the enormous point to get filtered ingesting water coolers in places of work is that companies can cut back their fastened costs without compromising the prime quality of products and services equipped to their staff. they are able to reduce the dangers of imposing bottles particular person and do away with your expenses that eat water administration and by using investing in drinking water coolers that could extensively give a boost to the style and prime quality of their consuming water consumed within the work. It truly is rather more sensible as that you can to steer clear of the trouble of bottled water as fast or twice a month and likewise the potential for running out of drinking water. With filtered consuming water coolers that are able to usually depend on getting a provide of water to reach.

So free via your car danger of possible an infection from drinking water fund clean ingesting water consumption, which is freed from bacteria and algae, and get your individual house through a water cooler! savor a glass of water in the heat night with a refreshing cup of tea in the morning to wake you up and will let you prepare for the night time beforehand.

The Secrets and Techniques to Controlling Green Pond Water

Seeing your pond turns soupy inexperienced could wreck your day. in spite of everything the efforts youve finished to keep your pond clean, you’ll see it one day covered in green and clogged with algae. earlier than, green pond water used to be a curse to pond house owners, however lately, this will also be treated simply using evolved technology.

green water is generally the results of large inhabitants of algae, which are suspended within the water and its growth is brought on through profuse daylight and nutrients. Algae are accountable for the greening of pond and other problems. green water problem can be considerable amongst newly developed ponds.

that you would be able to also point fingers at nitrates, the vitamins constituted of the breakdown of fish feeds, faeces, and different decaying supplies. The widespread of nitrates is fatal to the pond, so it is a should to not tolerate the excessive quantity of particles and fish feeds that shriveled at the ponds backside. once pond turns into polluted, you must no longer hesitate to dispose of all of the particles that not just clog the pond but entice the undesirable visitors out there. As prevention, you filter fallen leaves or branches, and avoid too much feeding of fish. Make this a addiction and you are going to see the alternate in the well being of your pond.

inexperienced water can be managed via natural strategies. natural green water keep an eye on strategies are very surroundings friendly and works ultimately, in contrast to chemical treatment that gives transient results. There are Do NOTs to stop inexperienced water from invading your a lot liked pond. These embody avoiding fertilizer, reducing fish feeding, limiting the number or fish, and disposing of particles. These natural strategies not most effective brush off algae and nitrates, the #1 sources of green water, but promote the well being of fish

The addition of surface plants additionally creates affect on the overall inexperienced water treatment. As , algae need direct daylight to develop really. floor vegetation can be used to duvet the pond and block off the surplus heat from penetrating the pond. using barley straw has been a development among English pond keepers for the reason that historic civilization. alternatively, some of these pure methods take time to point out outcomes, however its results are enduring. understand that nature takes time and you want correct fish pond supplies, so never are expecting for quick results as a result of it wont occur overnight.

rather then natural methods, there are also chemical treatments used in treating bad cases of inexperienced pond water. then again remember that chemical therapies will have to be the ultimate lodge when pure strategies fail to work. essentially the most advanced technology used lately is the ultraviolet or UV clarifiers. One great good thing about this is it clears the water without any negative effects. UV clarifiers may also be easily put in. good UV clarifiers mix organic filter system to indirectly cut back green water and algae as neatly. there are many UV clarifiers available in backyard centres and shops so it is a sin to deprive your pond with the armour it must battle with algae and green water.

Beautiful Koi Filter – Conserving Your Pond Water Smooth

For a fish hobbyist, some of the necessary items of kit to have is a water filter. it is simplest pure that considering your Koi shall be residing in your backyard pond completely (except you sell them), you will have to go to all lengths to keep the water as clean and as particles-free as possible. in reality, it’s much more essential for a pond to have a correctly-sized Koi filter as a result of it can be located outdoors.
Unfiltered Koi water will reap excessive concentrations of ammonia (excreted by the fish) and can turn inexperienced and foul-smelling prior to you comprehend it. toxic nitrates will building up and all different types of foreign topic will in finding themselves on the pond floor over a short period of time – dead insects, sticks and leaves, uneaten fish food and other particles.
There are two elements to Koi filters – mechanical filtration, which removes pollutants and debris bodily, and the biological filter which converts ammonia and nitrates into much less toxic materials. each these stages lend a hand make lifestyles extra comfy and less worrying for your expensive pets. understand that a cheerful Koi makes for a wholesome Koi.
In mechanical filtration, grime and other overseas subject is filtered with the use of pads, sand or beads which lure the pollutants so they may be able to be taken out of the water simply. Water is sucked through the filters with using a pump. The pump’s capability to course of water has loads to do in how efficient it’s going to be. consultants say a water pump has so as to handle at the least 1/3 of the Koi pond’s total capacity randomly. There are two kinds of pumps for Koi ponds, submersible pumps and re-circulating pumps. The latter are simpler for big ponds on account of their sturdiness and power even if they are able to be somewhat noisy.
The cleansing course of that occurs in organic filtration is a bit more complicated. Noxious parts that have fashioned from pollutant and excretions from the fish like ammonia are acted on via micro organism which change into it into nitrates. Nitrates are still poisonous to the fish, but anaerobic micro organism, once more through the same process of biological filtration, convert them into nitrites which aren’t as dangerous to the Koi.
to ensure your fish are swimming in truly secure waters, a drainage hole in should be built within the lowest a part of the pond. here, grime may also be sucked-out by the pump and trapped in the filter chambers. This along with an adequate aerator may also be the best accompaniment to your Koi filter, making the water on your garden pond a clean and hazard-free habitat wherein you could enjoy and maintain your fish for many future years.

Superb Indoor Water Fountain Care – a Information to Peaceful Co-existence Along with Your Fountain

there are a lot of little issues you can do to steer clear of the standard issues indoor fountain homeowners face whereas getting to grasp their fountains. i’ve mentioned in different places steer clear of mineral buildup and really, that is the most established difficulty. on the other hand, there are different, smaller concerns that, taken for my part, are not any big deal, but cumulatively they can truly bitter you toward your indoor water fountain. there is no doubt that the advantages of an indoor water fountain some distance outweigh the little pitfalls, and should you establish some very simple practices from the start, you’re going to keep away from most future hassles.

Splashing: Splashing has two terrible outcomes: 1.) water waste requires extra established refills and a pair of.) Splashes may depart mineral deposits on surfaces across the unit, or they may snatch dust particles from the air which change into arduous condensations on the outside as the moisture evaporates. These deposits and condensation now not most effective look unpleasant, but each can result in injury to timber and some other surfaces. Some folks put a clear plastic or decorative mat beneath their fountains; this measure prevents damage, but the ugly spots and condensations will nonetheless show up on the mat and require repairs as smartly. So, overall, it’s simpler to keep away from this downside by following a few straightforward steps.

the folks who designed &/or constructed your indoor water fountain will frequently embrace guidance for care and meeting (when needed). If they’ve equipped instructions, please practice the filling guidelines, as they are intended to produce the perfect sound impact out of your fountain while minimizing splashing.

in case your indoor water fountain arrives with out a set of instructions, or the directions do not solve the splashing downside, listed below are some simple preventative measures that you can take:
• Fill the fountain’s reservoir to ¼ to ½ inch beneath its top, somewhat than the entire manner up to the top.
• Re-prepare the river stones so that the falling water does no longer create a splash. If there aren’t any river stones, but the reservoir is deep sufficient, imagine adding some stones (or bits of art glass, shell, or other irregularly formed items that may stay under water with out damage). the volume & placement will require some experimentation, however after a few minutes, you can discover a resolution you adore and may keep.
• for many indoor water fountains, the pump will function the flexibility to keep an eye on the rate of water flow and every so often a lower go with the flow fee will get rid of the splash problem.
• yet one more possibility is that your fountain shouldn’t be located on a stage surface. this could cause the water to fall at a relatively completely different from the premiere attitude and create splashing. if this is the case with your indoor water fountain, bringing the unit to a degree position is done similarly to leveling a table or chair leg through inserting an excellent material, wedge-like, below the down slope side. An less expensive leveling bubble gauge on hand from most hardware shops will a great deal allow you to in this effort. the final answer is also the result of several small trial and error makes an attempt, however shall be permanent when finished.

Condensation: Very simply put, condensation will occur simplest when the water in your fountain is chillier than the air round it. Use of room temperature water will completely get rid of this downside. the very best policy is to have re-fills at room temperature on-hand. No extra condensation.

when you’ve taken care to put your indoor water fountain somewhere you adore and the place it will not be disturbed through customary day-to-day task, and also you observe the above guidelines, you and your water fountain will co-exist, peacefully, for years. All that continues to be is to enjoy the many advantages of possession.

Best of the Chinese Influence on Contemporary Garden Water Features and Indoor Water Fountain Design

While the European and Middle-Eastern designers were applying their technological capabilities and cultural influences to water fountain design and function, the Chinese were also developing their own approach to the use of water.

The ancient, and somewhat universal, thought that water is the source of life has continued into the present and we now know that our physical bodies are composed of substantial quantities of water, without which we would not survive. There are qualities sometimes attributed to water that almost make it seem to be alive. We say it moves, runs, even jumps over objects in its path, all of which imply that water has “sentient” qualities. It may be trained, guided, or forced to move around corners or bends and even to flow upwards.

The Chinese have harnessed water in these and other ways for thousands of years. At first they made water work for them to irrigate crops, much like the Romans did-that is they used gravity as the primary means of moving water from a mountain stream through systems of ditches down to the growing fields. During the Han Dynasty, some time around the first century BC, some historians attribute the invention of the chain pump to the Chinese, although this is not universally accepted.

These first pumps were mechanisms that could raise water about 15 feet via a series of buckets or pallets attached to a chain looped around a top and bottom wheel. A water source at the bottom permitted the buckets to fill, and the turning wheels guided the buckets upward to be emptied at the top. The efficiency of the system was dependent on the size of the containers and the degree to which they were sealed against leakage. Power was supplied first by human effort, later by harnessed animals; the steady power source allowed the height of the raised water to be increased. (Some historians believe that this may have been the mechanism that irrigated the Hanging Gardens in Mesopotamia, raising water from the Euphrates River to a reservoir at the top of the structure.)

All this early activity had the purpose of boosting economic benefits. It wasn’t until later that the Chinese began to utilize water for aesthetic or recreational purposes, when they ventured into their development of the garden. The Chinese garden’s basic feature is water, and the desired presentation is to have the appearance of a perfectly natural setting, designed to evoke a sense of calm.

One of the most beautiful examples of this is the West Lake of Hang Chou developed in the 8th century (T’ang Dynasty). This lake was created through dredging out a large shallow “bowl” encompassing many acres of land and diverting water into it. Meticulous landscaping around the lake completed the ‘natural’ effect. This beautiful marvel of engineering and aesthetic design was first reported to the Western world in the early 14th Century by Marco Polo and continues to be a destination for tourists today.

There is quite a bit of evidence that the Chinese also harnessed the capabilities of water for air cooling based on evaporation and had developed early versions of water fountains that may have been either gravity or chain pump powered. This seems to call into question the notion that water fountains were unknown in China prior to the arrival of Jesuit missionaries who incorporated water fountains in the courtyards of their missions.

As the Chinese integrated and expanded the use of water fountains within their culture, they tended to depart from the European multi-spouted variety, preferring rather to focus on simpler displays. Chinese aesthetics emphasized the shapes / arcs of water as a complement to the overall design of the fountain, again, with the purpose of evoking a sense of tranquility through simple shapes.

When we consider water features for our gardens and yards today, the most adopted design is the natural setting – a direct connection to the ancient Chinese perspective. Also, many contemporary indoor water fountain designs feature natural appearance or produce a simple stream of water, both having their aesthetic origins in China. So, today’s water fountain is a device that brings together centuries of technological development, esthetic and cultural perspectives from all parts of the world. I believe that is why today’s water fountain, with its seemingly endless variety of designs, styles, and materials, can be integrated into any setting in a very personal way to reflect the personality of its owner.