About You Can Create an Outdoor or Indoor Sanctuary by Simply Adding a Water Fountain

Over the years people have been searching to bring peace and harmony into their lives. Water fountains have a calming effect upon our psychic well being. There are many indoor fountains and outdoor fountains that are also called “serenity fountains” or “tranquility fountains”. The very words of serenity and tranquility makes you feel as though your imagination is coming to life by taking you to a lovely spot in your mind with the surrounding sounds of water tumbling out of natural springs, making you forget about all your troubles even if it’s just for a moment. Water fountains calms our spirit and restores our psychic well being with their delicately flowing water and natural beauty.

Any place in your home, office, patio, deck, or garden can easily be transformed into a tranquil haven by installing a tabletop, outdoor, indoor, water fountain to lounge by and listen to as you take a small break in your every day life. You will experience a feeling of calmness as you envision yourself unwinding by any fountain you choose which will help you become one with nature as you sit along beside it. We offer many beautiful different sizes, shapes and varieties of fountains that will enrich the area you choose to place it. All of our fountains are crafted to give you a maximum enjoyment of the visual beauty and delightful waterfall sounds. Which ever one you choose it will bring you soothing joy for many years and will add peace and serenity to anywhere you decide to place it.

Picking out a place to have your water fountain is very important you would want it to encourage a sense of clear concentration and heighten your thoughts. You can install more than one or two fountains in your home, one could be on the bedside table to encourage relaxation and serenity as the cares and stresses of your day slowly melt away. You most certainly will experience a degree of calmness while you listen to the water gently flowing in the background. By placing a garden fountain or outdoor fountain at your home or office these fountains are meticulously crafted to give you a place to regroup or release all of your worries of that day.

Perhaps it’s no accident that indoor water fountains are found in today’s classrooms, flower gardens, and even bathrooms. By taking just a few fundamental steps you can set the mood of any room which will give it a special aura for anyone! Deciding on the design and features of the water fountain that fits the impression of the sanctuary you wish to create, you’re on your way to having the indoor or outdoor water fountain that will bring you peace, comfort and relaxation for many years to come.

Awesome Become a Tea Gardener – Grow, Harvest and Brew Your Own Choice Organic Tea Plant

Become a tea gardner and grow your own loose leaf tea! It does not require much space, a container on a porch or balcony will do just fine for a tea plant. Of course, Camellia sinensis is the tea plant that produces those delicious teas we have grown to love. This one little plant is responsible for providing us with white tea, organic green tea, as well as black and oolong tea. The difference in them is the oxidation process they go through after harvesting and drying. The various processes are responsible for giving each tea a different flavor, scent and appearance.

Growing Camellia sinensis is not difficult, but does take patience. It takes about three to four years for a plant to start producing those precious tiny buds that we use to brew tea. A typical tea plant will result in over one pound of dried tea after processing. The tea plant is a beautiful and ornamental bush that is pruned to constantly encourage new growth. This pruning helps to maintain the spreading shrub between two to five feet high.

There are 2 times each year that tea is harvested. Early spring yields the fattest and tender buds that are best for white tea. Summer is the time for the second harvest. Each harvest is considered a “plucking” or “flush”. The tea plant has beautiful white and deliciously fragrant flowers that bloom in the late fall and winter months. This is truly a plant that can give each of your senses pleasure year round.

So what is oxidation and how does it affect your newly harvested tea? Oxidation is the process that changes our fruit we cut brown when it is exposed to the air. The oxygen molecules in the tea react to the air and a “burning” process occurs.

More On Grow, harvest and brew your own choice organic tea plant

Black tea is picked and then allowed to wither for a few days. The green tea leaves turn to a copper color. The leaves are then exposed to hot air to take the remaining moisture out and the leaves change to a dark color. Black tea is the most common of teas; the most popular black teas are “Earl Grey” and “English breakfast tea”. English Breakfast is known for its strong bitter taste and is usually enjoyed with milk and sugar!

It is hard to image that loose leaf green tea is grown from the same plant as black tea. Black tea when brewed has such a pretty copper color to it when you drink it. Organic green tea has a yellow to a green color to it. Green tea tastes and smells of natural grass. Green tea is allowed to wither just as black tea. The next step is very important. The leaves are steamed or pan fried to stop the oxidation process. This allows the leaves to stay green. The leaves are then dried with hot air and prepared for storage.

Oolong tea is the tea that goes through the oxidation process that is somewhere between green and black tea. Oolong tea is only allowed to be partially oxided. It is allowed to wither for just a short period of time in the sun, before it is brought indoors an allowed to return to room temperature. It is then air dried under high heat before preparing it for storage.

White tea is the rarest and most special of the teas. This tea is picked when the buds have not opened yet. Harvesting for white tea is done only 2 days a year. This was considered only for Chinese royalty and is just now becoming more available in the past few years. The buds of the plant are placed out in the sun for 3 days then air dried before stored. White tea is pale in color and has a smoother flavor than green tea.

Becoming a tea gardner takes time, patience, an adventuresome and creative spirit. You can learn to make your own choice organic tea. Using these plants and herbs you can infuse your tea with you favorite flavors for a one of a kind tea experience.

Lovely Outdoor Patio Heater ? an Overview

Outdoor patio heater is a wonderful heating option for people who enjoy the outdoors even when the temperatures are heading south. A variety of patio heaters are available such as portable heaters, tabletop heaters, and those for residential and commercial uses. While buying a patio heater you have to look out for efficiency, safety, utility, power or fuel source and space saving features.

First of all find out the type of outdoor patio heater you will need and whether the heater will serve your purpose. Features for residential and commercial purposes differ. You must opt for a heater that can provide soft warmth for a longer time. Go for the technology that deflects winds, has a low waste heat output, is automatic shutoff enabled, has push button ignition, and comes fully assembled.

Whether you want the outdoor patio heater to be run on gas or on electricity must be first determined. Gas fueled heaters are economical, efficient and environment friendly. Natural gas already used in the house can be connected to the heater. Propane hook-up tanks with replacements are also available. Heaters run on electricity are convenient, not expensive and render the heaters maintenance free too. Winds have no effect on heat supply of heaters powered by electricity.

Space constraints for keeping the outdoor patio heater are no problem at all as stainless steel weather resistant portable variants are readily available. These lightweight heaters can be used for camping or while on the road too. They come with easy to fit propane cylinders. They have push button igniters and low oxygen shut-off features. Tabletop outdoor patio heater is ideal for small patios. This stainless steel unit is hassle free, has no plugs, and is high on safety features like auto shut-off and fast push button igniter.

One cannot ignore the safety while using an outdoor patio heater. Irrespective of the size or type of power supply you should look out for a variety of safety features before buying one. Safety features should include automatic shut-off if strong winds are blowing or someone accidently elbows the device. Low oxygen supply in the patio should also trigger a shut-off as the heater is fitted with sensors to track oxygen supply.

Alternative outdoor patio heater options available presently include tabletop models, portable ones, propane heaters with disposable gas canisters, gas patio heaters using natural gas, Coleman portable patio heaters especially used by sportspersons, electric and infrared heaters that are silent in operation.

In conclusion, an outdoor patio heater has many uses. It is advisable to properly cover the unit to prevent damages due to weather ravages, dust and insects.

The Add Some Style to Your Outdoor Living Spaces

If you enjoy decorating the inside of your home, let your decorating talents loose on the outside as well. Your porches, patios, decks and other outdoor spaces allow you to show off your decorating skills in a whole new way.

Outdoor decorating offers you a chance to let loose and decorate with whimsical items that you might not find appropriate for inside your home. At the same time, decorating your outdoor spaces can be challenging too.

The best way to decide on how you want to decorate outdoors is to list the things that you will be using the space for. Is the area a place for relaxing after a long day or is it a space for cooking outdoors and entertaining friends and family.

By deciding what you want to accomplish with your space you will narrow down you choices on the types of outdoor furnishings and accessories you will need. For instance, if you want to do a lot of outdoor cookouts but you don’t have a grill, then that needs to be the first item on your list to purchase.

Next you need to decide what type of outdoor furniture you want. You will find several different weather resistant materials used to manufacture furniture for your outdoor spaces, as well as many different styles from modern to traditional. Your choices will only be limited by the look you want to convey.

Most outdoor seating uses cushions in weatherproof fabrics. Again you will find many, many choices ranging from solid colors, stripes, dots to plaids and prints. Select your favorite and then add a few coordinating pillows for a seating area that just begs to be used.

After choosing your furniture, you will probably want to select some outdoor lighting so you can enjoy the outdoors even at night. As with your choices of furniture, there are a multitude of choices for lighting. You can choose lights that are wired in or lights that run on solar power, or a combination of the two. If you do choose solar lighting, you will probably want at least one or two electric lights as the solar lights are not as bright as electric lights.

Last are the accessories. You can let your decorating style go wild with the choices you will find to accessorize your outdoor rooms and entertaining spaces. If you choose solar lighting, you might want to add a couple of weatherproof outdoor lamps for more illumination.

Fountains can add a focal point to the area and as an added bonus are quite soothing to listen to. If you live in an area that is noisy, the water flowing and splashing from a garden fountain can help to block out other noise.

Best of Making a Koi Pond – Do’s and Don’ts

Building your own Koi pond is basically not the same as any regular ponds you might have before. It has its own set of requirements and limitations that you need to keep in mind, if you want to provide an efficient habitat for your pet Koi fishes. To help you better understand, it is important to identify first what are the things you need to do and what are those that must be avoided at all times.

The most important thing you have to remind yourself is that a Koi pond is not as simple as building a hole in the ground and tossing the fishes right in where you can expect them to thrive and grow. In order to build a Koi pond that is properly working and sustain the growth of your fish, there are a number of factors to look into. These factors must be considered upon the initial stages of planning for the building of your pond. This will help save you time and money, and most importantly your pet fishes’ lives.

First and foremost, hire a professional to build on the basics of your Koi pond, specially for those with limited knowledge on landscaping and fish keeping. Some people opt otherwise because they believe it will enable them to save more money. If you fail to build a workable pond at the beginning, you will most definitely have to rebuild or reconstruct it. If you are still unsatisfied with the results, then you will most likely go back to the start, which will cost you tons of money. Working with a professional to build your pond will ensure that all essentials are covered and that you will no longer have to crank up major expenses with all the fixing that you had to do.

Meanwhile, working with a professional will ensure that they will look into your personal preferences with the Koi pond and be satisfied with the results. Just make sure to avoid opting for those professional pond constructors that offer cheap quotes as they might not offer the best quality jobs.

Most importantly, a Koi pond is more often permanent once you have built them. Therefore, choosing the best location for your pond is very important since you cannot easily transfer it from one location to another, whenever you wish. Careful planning is most important and this is something that you need to talk to with a professional since only you can make this decision, while they provide the professional insight that will help you in making that decision.

The best tip that you must keep in mind is to properly take care of your Koi pond once it has been built. The maintenance of the pond might require a significant amount of work and because Koi fishes have special needs apart from other types of pets, then you need to pay them extra attention.

The Fire Up Some Heat into Your Patio with a Natural Gas Patio Heater

A natural gas patio heater can be a nice addition to your patio this coming winter. It can fire up some heat into your dearest patio spaces so you can keep using them even when the weather turns for the cold. Experiencing a chilling outdoor sojourn way back last winter can make anyone decide and be firm upon installing such hot piece of outdoor accessory into their patio, porch or deck this season. This way the chill from the winter environment couldn’t interfere with the precious time spent in the outdoor spaces.

A lot of things can be done in the patio if not for the cold temperature that hangs in the air. Summer isn’t the only time one can utilize their outdoor spaces to the fullest. Even during winter, homeowners can still spend some tranquil time in the patio and enter into a meditative pose. They can chill out in solitude in the patio and listen to the carols playing in their iPods. They can also share enjoyable moments with their spouses and partners and talk about anything under the winter sun. Homeowners can even throw fiery holiday feasts in their backyard and not once will their friends and guests be clamoring of the biting chill in the outdoors if they have a natural gas patio heater around.

The natural gas patio heater is such a perfect accessory homeowners can use especially if they plan to stay for a prolonged period of time in their patio spaces. People at home wouldn’t worry about running out of fuel supply as this heater is hooked up to a natural gas pipeline unit. Homeowners can party and linger in the outer confines of their homes from morning till evening and will not be bothered with its running costs. This outdoor accessory does not only have an endless supply of fuel but it is cost-effective to use, too. Moreover, it is a dependable piece of heating equipment which is also safe to use.

The Best Fragrant Perennial Bulbs for the Home Gardener

Perennial bulbs are a joy for the home gardener. Generally planted during the fall, in the springtime they will burst forth with a colorful display. Often these are the first flowers we see each year after the long winter months. Perennial bulbs that are also highly fragrant can make this show even more spectacular, especially as they are cut and brought inside and their sweet aroma fills your entire house.

There are several perennial bulb species that are highly fragrant and are excellent varieties to grow if you are interested in both color and fragrance. Here is a list of four very fragrant perennial bulbs you can grow in your garden:

Hyacinths. These perennial bulbs have an amazing fragrance when they bloom in the spring, and their blooms are also long lasting so you can enjoy their fragrance for a long time. There are over thirty different hyacinth species that belong to the genus Hyacinths, and you will find there are a wide variety of colors to choose from. Most plants are about a foot tall in height.
Freesia. These are a favorite of many perennial bulb growers because of their strong, sweet citrus scent and delicate golden or white flower blooms. You will find that just a single flower will scent an entire room in your house, and these are an easy perennial bulb to both plant and propagate.
Paperwhite Narcissus. During the winter months, many perennial bulb enthusiasts will force these bulbs indoor. They have an extremely strong fragrance, and are generally white in color. The Paperwhite Narcissus bulb is more tender than many perennial bulbs, so they may need to be treated as an annual if you live in an area with very cold winters.
Bearded Iris. The blooms on the bearded iris plant are interesting enough and pretty enough to grow even if they did not have the amazing fragrance that they have. Bearded irises are grown from rhizomes, and they make an excellent and beautiful addition to any flower garden.

Most of these perennial bulbs are fall planted, so if you are interested in having a fragrant garden next spring, do consider planting one or more of these flowers this coming fall.

Nice Modern Day Bed Room Furniture

A divan bed consists of two separate parts; the base and the mattress. The divan base consists of a sturdy wooden frame which looks like a deep hollow box. This base can contain springs or have a hard flat top and is covered with fabric which is usually either cotton or damask and matches the mattress cover. The space inside this box base is what makes a divan bed so very useful. As the base is basically just a large wooden frame, it has been specially adapted so that it can contain up to four drawers or compartments along the sides. The end of the bed can also contain either a drawer or slide compartment. Sometimes the top of the base can be lifted up in order for the inside to be used for storage.

People seeking solid wood should know that they won’t find it very easily in mainstream stores. The exception to this is pine bed, which have remained relatively cheap due to their relative softness as when compared to hardwoods like oak and maple. Some people prefer pine not just because it costs less- it also tends to be lighter in color and more warm looking than most of the other wooden beds on the market, real wood or not.

Sealy beds are best known for their mattresses, which are designed with help from the American Orthopedic Advisory Board. A joint research program uses pressure mapping to gain an insight into the differing needs of people of all ages and sizes as they attempt to gain a good night’s sleep. The Posturepedic mattress range is the result of this research. It features a unique zonal support system that is firmer in some places than others, meaning the back receives the maximum level of support but other parts of the body rest on a softer surface. This should help to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed, avoiding any of the aches and pains associated with sleeping in an awkward position. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a Sealy Mirrorform mattress such as the size, the cost and the amount of support it gives your body. Sealy have a large variety of mattresses available in their Mirrorform collection so you should find one to tick all the boxes. It’s vital to choose a mattress which will reduce pressure on your spine, joints and lower back.

Another type of bed mattress is air mattress. An air mattress is great because it’s a great space saver. First of all, you don’t need an extra bedroom to accommodate your guests. The air mattress can be placed anywhere in your house because you can simply inflate it when needed. These mattresses come with pumps which inflate the bed very quickly. Another benefit of buying an air mattress is that you can take it with you on your trips. If you’re going camping, you can use these mattresses in your tent because they are so portable. These mattresses are much more comfortable than traditional camping beds which are very tight and don’t provide much body support.

Choosing the best bed means a complete choice including the type of bed or the material used like pine bed or sealy beds and also the mattress is equally important like the memory foam mattress.

New Koi 101 – Taking Koi Images

One of the most essential things to do in keeping track in your craft as a koi breeder is by taking koi images. Koi images are fundamental tools in taking care of your koi, this is done to supervise their growth and progress. Most often, breeders and professionals take images of their koi not only to keep track but most especially when they intend to sell or market it through the internet.

One of the major difficulties in taking images is that koi fish do not stay still in the pond. They constantly move around the pond which makes it difficult to capture. It is also difficult to take angles of the fish especially if there is an element of light since the water in the pond deflects light.

If you are new into koi photography, here are some tips that may help you in achieving your picture perfect koi.

· Koi images are normally shot with the fish in the pond. The complexity there is that the photographer has to look for an excellent angle or to wait for the fish to rise on the surface. Some photographers suggest by getting the fish out from the pond and place it inside a bowl to minimize its movement, thus, you can take better images of it.

· To capture the picture perfect moments, set your camera in high speed. This is done to get the images you want without the blur.

· Take images of your koi using a background that would contrast its colors. For example, black background for white/red fish or white background for black/gray fish. By doing this, you will further enhance the vibrant colors and the beauty of your koi.

· The more the merrier as they say. When taking images, take as much as you can. Grab the opportunity by taking pictures at different angles because for sure, not all the pictures that you are going to have are good.

· Point of comparison. Try using a tool that you can compare with the fish. For example, using a ruler, this way; you can determine the development of your fish on how much it has grown.

Taking koi images is not as easy as it looks. You just have be patient all the time since your subject is quite difficult to handle. Make sure that you give your koi fish an extra tender and loving care so that you won’t stress them out.

Amazing Shrubs – a Part of Landscape Privacy

Shrubs are used in four broad ways: for boundaries, for partitions and backgrounds, for specimens and for foundation plantings. We have discussed these uses of shrubs and the characteristics demanded by each use. Even at the risk of repetition, further discussion with the particular plans in mind may be helpful.


Boundary plantings are used to give privacy and to screen from view any unsightly objects beyond. Also, they tie the whole garden together to give unity, and they act as a background and frame for the garden displays.

Boundary plants need to be dense enough and high enough to shut off the view, with some variety in height to make the skyline interesting. Sometimes it is a good idea to leave gaps in the planting, to show desirable views beyond the boundaries.

As mass effect is desired, plant shrubs in groups of one variety rather than single plants of many sorts. Choose the shrubs for their rapid growth, spreading habit and mid-green foliage rather than for distinctive features. Wherever bloom occurs it should be in large enough masses to be effective at the distance from which it will be seen. Bloom, of course, is always attractive but in large gardens it is not as important in boundary plantings as in parts of the garden where it will be seen in more detail.

On small city lots we cannot hope to attain complete privacy or to screen the view of all surrounding buildings. On some lots the boundary planting takes the form of a hedge, or a fence on which climbers are grown. On others it is made up of groups of shrubs that not only back up the bright displays of the garden but to a great extent form the displays themselves.

Partitions and Backgrounds

Plantings separating small lots are more like partitions than boundaries.

The purpose of partitions, or background, plantings is to separate one garden area from another. Here, bloom and other distinctive features are important as the shrubs are close at hand and consequently are seen in detail.

Keep in mind that partitions and backgrounds are seen in elevation, and in your plans arrange them so that they will be most pleasing at maturity. There will be points where you need boldness and increased height in the skyline. Here you should use “dominant” plants – small trees or large shrubs that have coarse foliage and a dense appearance ó whose height and texture makes them stand out above their fellows. These break the partition into sections or pictures. Usually the center of interest in each of these small pictures consists of low-growing plants, such as those that spread horizontally or have some other particularly attractive feature. These we call “interest” plants. They are backed up and flanked by “fillers,” average sorts of plants whose function is to enhance and connect the other two.

In all good shrub grouping in informal gardens, harmony is the rule, contrast the exception. There should be harmony of form, and of color and texture of foliage, with strong contrast of form and texture used only at strategic points. Foliage color should blend gradually with the bright, warm greens near at hand and dark greens, blue-greens and gray-greens farther away. This gives the impression of added distance.

Texture, too, may be used to create illusions of distance or to emphasize certain points. Large foliage and coarse twigs like the bamboo palm plant are seen more clearly than fine foliage and twigs and, consequently, seem to be closer. For this reason large shrubs of coarse texture make large spaces seem smaller. Similarly, a coarse shrub at the front of a border of fine-textured shrubs stands out very distinctly, and fine shrubs backed by coarser ones appear flat.


Shrubs used as specimens, or accent points, in the garden lend emphasis to particular features of the design.