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the idea that of transparency on this entire desktop, the inner construction at a look
After 10 years of construction, China's water dispenser alternative industry entered a brand new period, because the participation of "national same old hot and cold water dispenser industry," a member of the company revised Ningbo Bo strong firm the day prior to this (in 2007 September eight) introduced that China's first officially on hand copper liner bacteriostatic water dispenser, water dispenser merchandise from this marked the "comfort" to "well being, hygiene," the improvement of transformation has taken a high-quality step forward.

natural antimicrobial impact of copper materials for water more well being
title "copper liner dispenser" could you also don't quite be mindful. according to the global Copper association, the consultants, "copper liner dispenser," and now in the marketplace vary from the final water dispenser is that it uses a full copper liner, copper is a metal can suppress the growth of micro organism . because of its interior construction to forestall the breeding of bacteria divide in order that the survival of micro organism in the soil loss. in the water dispenser has an extended historical past of the U.S., Japan, Korea and other developed nations, the robust inhibitory characteristics of copper has lengthy been recognized, and the inhibition of copper liner dispenser has lengthy been extensively standard product. i do know that the drinking fountains on the domestic market are also varying degrees of inhibition for the outlet pipe installed instrument, however the effect is not satisfactory, the average inhibition charge of not up to 50%, while the copper liner, that you may at 90% extent than to micro organism are inhibited.

in addition, sturdy electrical engineer Bo tube Jinchun presentation isn't like traditional water dispensers, drinking fountains copper liner additionally changed the heating mode, it uses the external heating coil to replace the traditional constructed-in heat pipe, in order that liner in drinking water and heating components will also be isolated to stop the heat pipe rusting, in essence, a protracted-term eradication of the water dispenser liner scale production, so that the true health and hygiene of the consuming has develop into a truth.

alternative of consuming fountains business era
business believes that the arrival of the drinking fountains made of copper lamps, fountains industry in China signifies that "copper guts" generation. "Inferior materials, practical general, higher energy consumption, negative health dispenser will quick be out of the market" and to satisfy the "security, well being, power saving, environmental safety, health," a full vary of high quality progressive water quality necessities laptop will change into mainstream. it's realized that Bo robust domestic company plans to focus on this high-end market merchandise, then they will proceed in the inhibition of copper liner dispenser of research and development, good if the market response, will launch the second era of antimicrobial copper liner dispenser in look, operate might be different from the standard drinking fountains.

it's understood that the present drafting of national requirements for ingesting water dispensers industry in 1998, has lengthy lagged in the back of the percent of building of the trade. development of the trade within the consuming fountains ten years later, in March this 12 months China officially launched the revision of the trade standard ingesting fountains, and plans to position in the 2nd 1/2 of 2008. trade consultants imagine that, like "hot and cold water dispenser trade same old" and "family and identical electrical home equipment disinfection requirements" and different new requirements, new regulations promulgated, will actively promote the inhibition of copper in drinking fountains within the field of utility, not handiest to offer protection to the consumer interests, it will additionally exchange the pattern of China's water appliances, ingesting fountains business to promote the additional reshuffle.

Little information: fountain of "secondary air pollution"

in line with specialists, consuming water, gravity, and in accordance with the idea of air force to work, so in fact been ingesting the water out of the air with "lingering." The formation of terrible drive air into the bucket to verify smooth water, the number of water available in the market, how much extent of air into the barrel, so even in a easy atmosphere, each and every cubic meter of air are about 4000 bacteria. a long time, it'll in many residues in the internal partitions of the consuming fountains within the air of bacteria, the ensuing "secondary pollution." now and again even in the moss wall are likely to provide beginning to, drinking fountains changed into a paradise for micro organism.

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