About Replacing the Fireplace Damper Lid

Now that it is fall and the climate is popping less warm, it's time to guarantee that the damper is functioning correctly for your fire. thru years of utilization, the damper lid can warp or become damaged. If that is how your damper lid appears or is, it is very important substitute this part of the flue. The damper is that steel factor within the chimney. If it's not working correctly then it lets in the cold outside air to come down the chimney into your own home. but this isn't all. It also lets your warm air to escape out the chimney. Over time, the dampers can warp and they need replacing. you don't want to rent a certified to come back in and change the damper lid for you. this is a job you can easily do by yourself.

getting ready to do away with the Damper

if it is wintry weather and also you just used the fireside, it is very important wait until it cools down. All right, call to mind an oven. You would not reach inside right after you turned the hearth off, would you? of course no longer, as a result of it will burn you severely. you might wait until the oven cooled and it's essential to reach in safely with out burning your self. the fireside is the same. Wait unless the logs are not burning or smoldering and the inside of the fireplace is cool to the touch. in the event you don't, you run the danger of burning your self.

When the fireside is nearly cool, it is a good suggestion to start preparations. You will have to put down a big piece of plastic or a tarp in entrance of the fireplace to maintain the mess all the way down to a minimum. do that before you commence to cleaning the fireside. Chimneys are messy with soot and ashes. you do not need to trace that thru your house.

Clearing Out the hearth, in finding the Damper

Put to your leather work gloves. get rid of the charred pieces of wooden and throw these into a steel trash can. Now, it is time to do away with the grate and set it apart.

Get throughout the fire and take a flashlight or hassle gentle alongside. it is very important light up the chimney, so you'll discover the damper. as soon as you might be inside of, look up and you'll to find that the damper. It must be located best a foot or two above the fireside opening. it is very important have enough gentle to look what you are doing.

As you appear in that area, find the bolts that are maintaining the damper in situation. it is important to eliminate those bolts with an adjustable wrench. turn the bolts counterclockwise to remove them. Put the bolts for your pocket or a small container. don't unfastened the bolts as a result of it is very important exchange them when you install the new damper lid.

you probably have the bolts eliminated, attain up and switch the damper lid sideways in the flue. this may increasingly let you put off it from the rod that holds it in place.

putting in the new Damper

sooner than installing the brand new damper lid, check it towards the previous one. You need to make sure that they are the same dimension or changing the damper lid will do you no just right. If you have not sold a brand new damper lid yet, merely take the outdated one to the store with you to purchase a new one. you will see that damper lids at most hardware retailers or residence improvement outlets. I reside in a rural area, so i'd try the lumber yards, Menards, Ace Hardware, Runnings or Bombgaars. by using taking the damper lid to the shop with you, will will let you to find the right measurement on the way to match in the flue.

Put the grate back into the fireplace. you can even put some wooden on it. Now fold up the piece of plastic that you just had defending the floor. All you have to do now could be mild the hearth, settle on your favorite chair and enjoy the warmth and ambiance.

Now you are prepared to install the new damper lid. So get back into the hearth and switch the trouble mild on. you will need to turn the damper lid sideways to position it again on the rod. match the damper lid in location. Now to find the four bolts that you simply eliminated prior and reinstall them in place.

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